When You Feel That Everything Is Wrong but It Isn't

Rafel S.W.

Check Facebook.
Play some different music. Louder.
Call your friends. From the window. Out
the balcony and into a starless night. You have
none. This is not your fault or problem or day. Listen
to the same three notes over and over and call it a song.
It’s your heartbeat. It won’t stop until you do. Flinch first.
Call the ambulance and then hang up saying nothing. Run.

There’s no solution. You’re cold all the time. People keep
asking if you’re sick even though the doctor said you
weren’t. Get tired of songs you used to cry to. Cry
for no reason in front of the television. Silently
judged by no-hopers voted off with more talent
than you’ll ever have. Never know a full lung
of air. Save in the drowning dreams. Smile.
Check Facebook.